kernal panic – not syncing: I0-apic + timer doesn’t work!

Problem Description: kernal panic – not syncing: I0-apic + timer doesn’t work! boot with apic=debug and send a report. then try booting with the ‘noapic’ option Solution: When booting, press downkey to free the Grub interface, press “e” to modify the bootline, and at the end of the line that begins with “kernel”, add in, without quotes, “noapic”, then save the file and reboot. Read More

CentOS 5下配置vnc服务器(远程桌面)

1、检查vnc服务器端是否已经安装? rpm -q vnc-server 2、将用户名成加入到vnc中 vim /etc/sysconfig/vncservers 添加如下两行 VNCSERVERS=”1:root” VNCSERVERARGS[1]=”-geometry 1024×768″ 3、设置vnc密码 vncpasswd 输入密码 4、启动vnc服务 /etc/init.d/vncserver start 应该可以启动成功了~ 5、更改vnc的-window配置 cd ~/.vnc/ vim xstartup 注释掉一下行 #xterm -geometry 80×24+10+10 -ls -title “$VNCDESKTOP Desktop” & #startkde & #kde desktop #twm & #Text interface 添加: gnome-session & #set starting GNOME desktop 重启vnc服务。 /etc/init.d/vncserver Read More

Installing Hyper-V Linux Integration Components and Mouse Driver On CentOS 5

Microsoft has introduced together with Windows 2008 a new Hypervisor called Hyper-V. Initially Microsoft only supported Microsoft products and Novell Suse, but recently they added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With this support it is also possible to install the components on CentOS. 1. Download Latest Linux Integration Components You can download the exe file here. Extract it and copy the linuxic.iso somewhere you can mount it as a cdrom on your Virtual Machine. 2. Installation To install the drivers we need the development tools. Easiest method to install those is via Yum. yum groupinstall “Development Tools” Next we will copy the contents of the cdrom to the Read More

“Could not instantiate mail function” and “Value does not fall within the expected range” troubleshooting

The reason I wrote this article in English is that all these problems occured in English environment. You can reprint this article freely as long as you link back to These problems have bothered me for almost a whole day, and I finally got everything fixed now. I ran into the error early this morning when I answered one of my clients’ ticket in WHMCS, the mail didn’t got through, it gave me an “Email Sending Failed – Could not instantiate mail function” error, I searched google for a few hours but none of them were really helping. So I decided to troubleshoot this by myself. I started with checking Plesk’s mail system, Read More


刚刚发现有个客户绑定的中文域名没法正常解析,而且网站没法启动,后来上网查了资料才发现IIS7/IIS7.5可以直接绑定中文域名,不需要转换编码。 直接绑定中文域名就OK。 IIS 7/IIS7.5的500.19错误Value does not fall within the expected range 值不在预期范围内,也是因为这个引起的,按这个方法改了后就可以解决。 Read More


DoS 攻击、DDoS攻击和DRDoS攻击相信大家已经早有耳闻了吧!DoS是Denial of Service的简写就是拒绝服务,而DDoS就是Distributed Denial of Service 的简写就是分布式拒绝服务,而DRDoS就是Distributed Reflection Denial of Service的简写,这是分布反射式拒绝服务的意思。    不过这3中攻击方法最厉害的还是DDoS,那个DRDoS攻击虽然是新近出的一种攻击方法,但它只是DDoS攻击的变形,它的唯一不同就是不用占领大量的“肉鸡”。这三种方法都是利用TCP三次握手的漏洞进行攻击的,所以对它们的防御办法都是差不多的。     Read More


网站从美国搬到香港后,这个问题困扰了我好几天,最后整得没办法了,给WHMCS官方发邮件求助,解决办法很简单,去掉MYSQL的STRICT MODE问题就迎刃而解了。 具体方法: Open your “my.ini” file within the MySQL installation directory, and look for the text “sql-mode”. Find: Code: # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode=”STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION”Replace with: Code: # Set the SQL mode to strict sql-mode=”NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION”Or, you can run an SQL query within your database management tool, such as phpMyAdmin: Code: SET Read More


1、 GB2312 GB2312(1980年)一共收录了7445个字符,包括6763个汉字和682个其它符号。汉字区的内码范围高字节从B0-F7,低字节从A1-FE,占用的码位是72*94=6768。其中有5个空位是D7FA-D7FE。 在windows中的代码页是CP936 2、 GBK GBK最初是由微软对GB2312的扩展,也就是CP936字码表 (Code Page 936)的扩展(原来的CP936和GB 2312-80一模一样),最初出现于Windows Read More

Discuz X1至今最完美的IIS7.5伪静态规则

IIS7本来是可以导入APACHE的伪静态规则的,但是后台产生的规则我用IIS导入没法正常使用,于是去网上找了一份规则,用是可以用了,但是还是存在两个问题: 1.首页门户文章没法正常显示,都是404错误 2.翻页有问题,比如一个帖子有3页,你要点两次第二页,他才会翻到第二页。 第一个问题昨天晚上我就发现了,用这句 替换掉相应位置的那一句就可以解决。 第二个问题是昨晚冕阿姨说了我才发现,当时搞鼓了一下,没结果,今天早上起来对比DZ的规则看了一下,发现了问题的所在。用这一句 Read More