ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range

Question I noticed X8 DP series motherboard showing “ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range” message during the RHEL/CentOS 6.2,6.3 version while booting. What is this problem related to? Answer For “ERST: Failed to get Error Log Address Range” this type of event message, you can do one of following items to get workaround. 1. Disable ACPI with command “acpi=off” in boot grub 2. Disable WHEA option from enable to disable in BIOS setup menu The reason is WHEA requesting ACPI 4.0 table support. Recently, X8 DP series do not support ACPI 4.0 feature (only ACPI 3.0). This is why you will see this warming message shown up during Read More


刚刚有客户反应网站无法打开,进服务器看了下,原来HTTPD死掉了,尝试service httpd restart但无法启动,检查/var/log/httpd/error.log后发现这个错误有很多条: [Thu Feb 14 11:04:02 2013] [error] (17)File exists: Cannot create SSLMutex with file `/var/log/httpd/ssl_mutex’ 于是rm -rf ssl_mutex,然后再尝试重启httpd,问题解决! Read More


在访问公司内网的时候,出现如图所示的提示,显示“证书错误:导航已阻止”,点击“继续浏览此网站”后没反应,无法跳转。 经研究发现,是微软在其一个补丁当中对证书的密钥长度做了限制,长度小于128bit(位)的密钥将被阻止而无法继续运行。当然,这是对用户安全的考虑。但是对于完全信任的密钥长度小于128bit的证书,我们还是需要用的。这里,微软也给出了解决办法。 微软补丁名称:KB2661254 参考页面: 解决办法: Read More

iPhone5/iPad Mini完美越狱工具下载及越狱步骤

iPhone 5/iPad Mini完美越狱工具终于于北京时间2月5日凌晨1点左右正式放出了!短短几分钟官网下载链接就被点爆无法下载,请点击文章微博的镜像地址下载越狱工具! 基本需求: 5 分钟的时间。 搭载 iOS 6.0 或 6.1 的苹果设备和数据线。 配备 USB 接口的 Windows / Mac OS X / Linux 计算机。 注意事项: 备份您的 iOS 设备,确保不会丢失数据。 取消您的设备密码,这可能会导致问题。 耐心等待,不要开启 iTunes 或 Xcode。 如果出现卡死情况,直接重启程序 / 设备。 其他建议: 抢先下载最新固件,以便恢复 / 升级设备。 注意备份 Read More

How To Get Started with CentOS Minimal

I wanted to share with everyone a little post about my exposure to CentOS 6.2 Minimal. If you are not aware with the latest release of CentOS 6.2 there is now a “Minimal” ISO option. Now let me tell you first off when they say minimal….it’s got next to nothing. Personally, I love that fact because there is zero bloat to it. If you are an admin or even a developer working on virtual appliances, this could be the solution for you. I decided to use it to build my own vCloud Catalog image on Virtacore so I could deploy it and use it for my Bitnami wordpress stack install. I have always been a fan of CentOS for my home lab and this release is no exception now that it is just so Read More

Step by Step install of CentOS 6.3 on Microsoft Hyper-V Server with Linux Integration Services Version 3.4

Create new VHD w/ Legacy Network Adapter for CentOS 6.3 Download CentOS 6.3-minimal.iso (insert disk & install) Download LinuxICv34.iso (insert disk) mkdir -p /mnt/cdrom mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom cp -rp /mnt/cdrom /opt/linux_ic umount /mnt/cdrom cd /opt/linux_ic/RHEL63 ./ Once the install is down, shutdown the VPS, note the mac address and then remove the legacy adapter. Add a standard network adapter with static mac previously noted. apply and restart the VPS Update your network settings via vi vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 use “i” to insert text, (esc) to exit and “:wq” to write your changes. IT should look something like Read More