How to deal with mysqldump error 23: out of resources when opening file

So earlier today I was doing a mysql dump of a large database. And I got this error: [crayon-5ecfb926470be266019266/] A quick google reveals that it’s because the number of files that MySQL is permitted to open has been exceeded. So I counted how many files our database has: [crayon-5ecfb926470c4580652910/] The result is 8350 files. Then checked the limit by executing this in phpmyadmin: [crayon-5ecfb926470c7395158248/] It gives me a result of 1024, so I opened /etc/my.cnf and added [crayon-5ecfb926470c8189569995/] Unfortunately this didn’t do the job! Some further digging landed me on this stackexchange Read More